Top 4 Reasons to Recommend Your Apartment Complex to a Friend

One of your friends is less than happy with his current apartment. It seems as if there is little about it that holds much appeal. You on the other hand love the place where you live. Depending on what sort of issues your friend has with his current apartment complex, letting him know about the vacant unit in your building could be a good idea. Here are four reasons why you would want to recommend your complex to someone who is obviously in need of a new place.

The Managers Keep the Place Up Nicely

You’ve lived places where things were not maintained properly. When you first began to search for the best apartments for rent in Redwood City and came across your present home, the landscaping immediately caught your eye. The fact that the kitchen appliances were in great shape also helped. Finding out that the property manager had someone available around the clock to take care of whatever needed repairs also influenced your choice.

Experience has taught you that your first impressions turned out to be correct. The managers really do take care of the property. That’s one reason you can recommend your complex to anyone who is looking for a new home.

You Have Great Neighbors

There are complexes where the residents co-exist, then there are the ones where people actually know one another and get along. The latter arrangement makes living there more pleasant. You can honestly say that the neighbors get along well and the atmosphere is pleasant. Wouldn’t you want your friend to live in a setting that is as friendly as yours?

There’s Plenty of Parking

Some apartment buildings have little to no parking. That’s not a problem if you use public transportation, but it becomes a big issue when the only alternative is to park the car on the street. Since your friend is unhappy with the lack of parking at his current apartment building, it makes sense to have him take a look at the vacant unit in yours. Off-street parking is one of the amenities and it’s usually easy to find a space close to your building.

The Location is Convenient

When you set out to look at two bedroom apartments, finding something in a convenient location was a priority. As it happens, your complex would be convenient to your friend’s work and other places he likes to hang out. You would enjoy having him living a little closer and he would enjoy being nearer to the places he likes to go.

There are more reasons why your apartment would be an ideal fit for your friend. Sit down and make a list of why you would encourage him to take a look at any unit that is currently available. It won’t take long for him to schedule an appointment, tour a unit that is the right size for him, and decide if living there would be the best solution.